Re: Demigod

  • Markshire PCs:

Well, I took a chance and bought a game called: Demigod.

It is so freaking fun and very enjoyable! Possibly the most fun game I’ve ever played, IMHO. I just wish there were more maps for it. It comes with 8 maps and 8 different Demigods to play. (More expected later as down loadable content I think…)

And each Demigod has it’s own skill tree that you can put points into during a game. So, there are lots of paths you can take with each Demigod based on your game style of play.

FYI: There’s no tutorial and very little in the way of directions. You can play a skirmish map and change the settings/win conditions to your liking and then play. It’s pretty easy to pick up on though.