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Lion skins make the best leather it feels so nice on my hard elven body not like the feel of metal or hide. If you have ever hunted a lion you know it takes some skill not to become the hunted.

I have only met four of my kind here Quinne, Spana, Monty, and Sun
are the only elven kind I have seen you know i feel as if i am swimming in a sea of humans. Most of them i can’t stand but a few i can name are ok and smarter than a normal human like Osay a good ranger like my self and his skill with his bow for a human is unreal.

Kyle this man has come a long way and has honer like a high Elf of pure blood born under a fool moon.

The halfling Opinvu how could i leave him out he has been a good one to have around he knows the land and has a story for every inch of it to.

Well i am off to hunt a new monster this day i got my paper to enter the pass I want to hunt a giant I know i have the Skill to do it if not this will be my last entry in my book.

signed Sable wood elf and Ranger.