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Episode 11 ‘Gripfam Reunipli’ ( Done-Well – Note)

On their return to the SG-Tree they find the camp of Grippli rounded up in cages on wagons. The only culprit stands before them admittedly, Ebb Sterling. He explains the case; the one from the temple took his wife, her safety balances on his success in obtaining what the party has come to deliver. He must leave with the Seed, or there will be a massive killing of Grippli and heroes. A fight ensuing reveals it’s not really Ebb at all, but one of the Thirteen Champions. Defeating him frees the Grippli. Frank informs the party the entrance to the Heart chamber was hidden and will open in a different location. He will give them the clues to find it after they rest up from the fight.

Sun-Ok is in possession of the Gloves of Strangulation, this episode ran on Friday the 13th of June. Her gloves gained strength and encouraged her subconscious to put the gloves on. Now that they won’t come off, she attacked several during the trip back to the SG-Tree. This episode has triggered the party’s involvement with her and the gloves. Frank was asked for help after his release from the cages. He revealed to them the key of removing them. She must fight a mental battle that requires great wisdom and strong will to overcome the curse. She ran off to save everyone from herself, the rest returned to Foothold to help find aids to wisdom.

Thirteen Champion—Kalem Saldt

Belferon, Durok, Keliana, Sun-ok, Voran, Walis