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  • Markshire PCs:

Episode 12 ‘Sewing, Grippli Style 101’ (Done- Well)

Party ready to sew the seed and restore the divinity to the SG-Tree, they pursue the location of the opening to the heart Chamber. Frank will ask the tree where the location is. The response is again a riddle. When they arrive they discover it is not there. Exhaustive searching will make them question Frank’s instructions or their own conclusions. If the party does not return a Grippli will be sent out to fetch them and return them to Frank. As if by its own desires, the opening appears where it is supposed to be. This frightens Frank. His preparations of hiding the entrance were flawless and powerful. For them to have been averted in such manner brings him to warn them of something very powerful below, maybe waiting. They find the heart chamber not looking the same as it did the first time entering it. Scouting the caves they find the threats lurking in the shadows and around corners. They find themselves, waiting for themselves to ambush themselves and take the seed. They are then insured that themselves will be victorious and not themselves. Killing one is only temporary, until Yellow and Blue crystal is destroyed. Each crystal pair is with a copy of the Player denoting the person’s copy it is powering. Completing this will reveal a once concealed door allowing them access to the heart Chamber.

Sun-ok rolls a 25 for release of the gloves of Strangulation. Walis dies the most as they battle themselves, with Voran close behind.

Set players copies to NON LOOTABLE corpses. (leaves static corpse)

Snakes, the tree hates snakes.

Belferon, Durok, Keliana, Monty, Sun-Ok, Voran, Walis