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Episode 13 ‘Saving Grippli’ (Done – Minor Changes)

The final Episode, the final fight, the final Act that takes it all to rest, this episode wraps up Opinvu’s adventure and the Grippli Tragedy. They enter the heart chamber and find three familiar faces. Opinvu, *Sar, and Ebb Sterling, again. The three claim to be there to stop them from doing this. Stop them from doing a bad thing that looks right. They urge the party to stop on the basis that the tree is actually evil; its roots gave new life to the Spider temple and helped raise it from its sub-earth tomb. Opinvu claims to have the towel with him, and he has found that the lich is in the tree now. *Sar claims to have found Opinvu near his home and helped him track the black ooze to the tree. Ebb claims to be the real Ebb, Opinvu and *Sar had freed him when they found him. Who brought him there is a dodgy fact. The three stories line up but don’t make to much sense. Their captor, the lich, wants this divinity to become a god. Giving it to the tree will be playing into his trap. If they are not confused enough, then more details will be required. If so, then Kaldt will appear like a vision on the wall. She will try to warn them that they lie, that they must use the seed on the trees heart. She will reveal how she is able to project her image as proof. This act being proof that Opinvu is safe and has already defeated the Lich that was now infecting all the water of the forest. As the three imposters argue otherwise and to ignore the Lich’s trickery. She will counter with the tale of the imposters. The three were brought back in a deal with the now dead and absorbed Lich. His veil and power in this world will slowly decay and vanish forever. The contract held keeping them in good terms with the pact is also dissolved; their defeat will too thusly be permanent. She looses her connection for the time being after this. The Three reveal their true identities and battle for the seed.

Once battle is over, the seed is sewn and the tree recovers. Chests from the earth above them fall at the tree’s wish. Frank enters the room joyous and gleefully congratulates them and conveys the SG-Tree’s thanks as well. The Tree knows of Opinvu’s safety as well, and the fact that the lich is dead, the Spider temple is weakening though the minions inside grows stronger. Good is winning, but chaos is the new growing threat over evil. Frank leaves to the hills, and the Grippli return home. The forest lives happily ever after.

Minor Changes:
Sar was removed and replaced with a wandering cow. Opinvu was played by a Halfling model, Ebb was in character minus the proper sword. (a clue along with the cow roaming in the area) The illusions of Opi and Ebb nearly convinced the party to give up the seed. The pair attempted to trick them into believing a different story as described above. Kaldt’s appearance was summoned by the call of the players praying to her for a sign, or opinion. With the Lich technically dead, I allowed her a casting of her likeness to warn them of the trickery. They still almost believed Opi’s story that the Lich had infested the tree and was controlling the illusions. Someone then went over and killed the cow, the image faded and Bovinious the Destroyer stood up and shook off the blows and attacked. The other two in the trap ran for cover as their illusions were blown. The three champions fought them twice and lost, miserably.

Opinvu (representation) – Champion Illusionist
Ebb – Champion Halion

Player Rewards
1. Belferon – Ring, Longsword ‘Lost Ring’
2. Durok — Armor
3. Faith – Walkingstick (forfeit, no-show)
4. Keliana – Womans Helm, Arik Defender Blade
5. Monty—Arcane Robe
6. Portales — Horn
7. Sun-Ok – Sword Upgrade to +2, Ring
8. Traudek – Forfeit/ No-show
9. Voran — Armor
10. Walis – Basterd Sword Willing Battle
11. ALL Attended this Episode, Grippligeddon Ring. (regenerates HP +3, Large damage vulnerabilities {25-50%} Blug/Slash/Peirce)

Belferon, Durok, Keliana, Sun-Ok, Walis