Re: Episode 2

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Episode 2 (Done, Well-w/note) ‘Jabba-de-Grippli’

Players start in Red Dragon only for Prep then use portal to Frank for Beginning of Episode 2.Upon receiving the settlement of campfire supplies, Frank is escorted back to the forest. Frank is old and cunning, not good for defenses on long travels. Upon reaching the Shaft Giving Tree they are greeted by the clan of Grippli. The tree is then spoken to. It talks in riddle. It tells of its blight to the shaman which translates it to the others. Riddle gives clues to the key that opens the catacombs under the tree. It cannot live on the surface alone. History of Grippli’s holds more clues to the key that allowed the first Grippli entry into the earth to plant the seed.

“Thy roots of history shorten,
Tools seed the past are lost, cats may be combed again.
Death nurses on thy future.
Sirens of the forest stand over the lost.”

A book on the history of the Grippli shall be found at any library or temple. All share the common short tale of their evolution into the world. Hopefully wish to look for written history or known history of the Grippli/Tree. This shall lead them to Episode 3, finding the broken key.

(Book) Grippli’s; What Little is Known
Their history in creation only leads to some minor chance migration into the Narlynwik Forest just before the first man set foot into what is now known as Arik. Bringing little of their own culture they adapted many local customs and farming techniques into their own. The first Grippli settler brought with him a seed from Odin’s tree Yggdrasil which the Grippli refer to as the Life Tree. It is from this tree in which all life comes. Grippli believe a seed was stolen from the center of a nut right out of Ratatosk’s horde. The first Grippli instinctively used the branches that fell away from his body to fashion a bow and arrow. It was this first arrow that speared the seed from the nut’s shell without Ratatosk’s notice. It was this seed passed through untold generations that was planted deep in the Narlynwik Forest near their settlement. This seed brought life to a frozen wasteland and sprouted a forest from the roots of one tree. Stories tell of one Grippli settler that carried only a staff made of half stone and half metal which he used to open the earth and walked into a catacomb under the forest. Soon the seed grew and grew into a great giant tree, one that only produced one fruit to insure a Grippli never go hungry in the forest that sprouted under its canopy. It is said this famous Grippli Shaft was broken in half and tossed into a ravine by a disgruntled wife Grippli. This set in motion the aging of the first Grippli’s son and ultimately the death of. Other rumors say he was chased seven miles from the tree before he finally gave up and did the deed himself to end his wife’s bickering. Broken and lost the shaft granted him unyielding health and suppressed aging. The bickering he received for getting old and tired finally killed him.

Legends told by Grippli tell a different tale of a priest named McGreggor. He had lost his four children wife and father in the fighting but killed nearly all of the Grippli. A dispute of land rights and ownership of a stream running through it triggered this untold war. The Grippli fled before the dust settled, but only for a short time. Father McGreggor soon left the area mysteriously after only living on the farm for 13 more months. The Grippli returned and took over the homestead he had built. The only way to grow food in the area after the disappearance of McGreggor was with the fertilizer from the cattle left behind. The soil could only sustain the current amount of life the tree had sprouted before the priest’s residence. Grippli to this day still raise cattle and fashion their famous arrows and bows from the fruit of the Shaft Giving Tree.

A Grippli History Vol. 2 — (Book)
Collect 13 bags of potatoes, carrots, and onions – four bags of each.
Belferon, Doog, Durok, Faith,Keliana, Lipitom,Portales, Sun-ok, Traudeck
Lipitom ran off with loot possibly due to the fact that Portales cast a domination spell upon him. DM witnessed entire episode as a calm and well warned situation.