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Episode 4 ‘Under the Shaft’ (Done-Well)

Having slept/camped at the Grippli SG-Tree, party will begin at the SG-Tree. They await entering the catacombs under the SG-Tree. Frank opens the passage with some command words in Grippli tongue. The way opens and the bug infestation is found. As the place is looted and cleaned of bugs an inner chamber is found locked and guarded by a Twig Blight. The Twig has no name, but has a riddle and a key. The key opens the door to the heart of the root ball. This is where the Mother bug lies. Stop the party here for a description. The mother bug is not able to face them head on, it fights and squirms but its mouth is fused to the tree and uses only its hind legs and ability to birth live bugs nearly at every willed desire to. The mother bug is nearly impenetrable. They may wound it and bring its life down, but it will not die. Try to make dryad look like a bug. It will tire after so long and stop producing babies and fighting, but waiting too long the regeneration should bring it back to a fighting frenzy. They should discover the impossibility of detaching it and return to Frank. With Frank involved on the matter, he will suggest the insecticide. Whatever happens to the bug happens to the tree, so the insecticide must be harmless to the tree. He will come to the conclusion of the right recipe. Only the heroes can collect kidney stones from giants. He will warn that the bugs might have regained a large population again and a direct route might be in order for their return. He will use the time to open the catacombs closer to the main chamber (for episode 5).

Item Required:
Grippli Shaft from Episode 3
What happens once in a lifetime,
Twice in a millennium,
And never in 10,000 years?
Answer: The letter M/L.

52 Kidney stones from giants, 1 silver tipped weapon (any silver tipped item)
Keliana, Portales, Sun-Ok, Wallis