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  • Markshire PCs:

Episode 5 ‘Grippli-cide’ (Done –Split/note)

Beginning at the SG-Tree once again, the team has returned to hand over the insecticide ingredients. Frank will now need time to crush and mix and prepare for use. He has one more problem for them to solve while they wait. What can be done to restore the self regeneration ability to the tree when the tree is kin to the tree of life? Frank suggests a once friend turned grumpy old enemy. An ancient white in the Thrym Pass, he must be challenged to his ‘dual of rights’. The party shall be offered one question of ancient knowledge or wisdom once he is defeated. They must inquire about the cure to restoring the SG-Tree. He will tell them this: A seed is two halves; only one half is needed to grow. A seed may sprout a male or female, but not both, so one will die. That is not how the SG-Tree was sprouted. This could restore the heart of the tree.

Dragons Challenge: (may alter due to number of attendants)
1. One champion must win 3 out of 5 battles with the dragon alone. (Belferon)
2. One team must collect the Boggle Kings gloves. (Keliana & Sun-Ok)
3. One team must retrieve a Strange Yellow Ruby from the Frost Giant temple in the desert. (Durok & Traudek)
4. One team must collect a Demonic Scroll from the ancient crypt under Yar. (Portales & Wallis, Voran)
Belferon, Durok, Keliana, Portales, Sun-Ok, Traudek, Wallis

Out of time, missions changed to homework for pairs. All completed with exception. Durok completed mission alone, without teammate as Traudek was a no-show. Wrap-up Done before Episode 6 on same day.