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Episode 6 ‘A Mother Must Die’ (Done- Condensed)

The poison is now ready and the party has returned with the information from the dragon. The exchange is made and the way is opened for the party to use the poison. The mother bug will need to be beaten down to near death then given the poison. The party will need a delivery system. Arrows will be the only right answer. The poison will cause her to die and fall away, thusly releasing all the eggs inside her. The eggs hatch a fine swarm. If the swarm is not killed fast enough, Frank may get hurt. When mother is killed and the Tree informs Frank who joins the party in the inspection of damage. The party escorts Frank around to check on the status of the tree. Frank notes 13 major issues that need attention before the tree may be left alone for the amount of time needed to hunt down the key cure and its whereabouts. The party may cast the 12 spells of healing now and mark one off the list. The list is given. They are urged to have at least seven and the first item as soon as possible. (By episode 7)

13 Issue Remedy components/ Homework:
(1) 1. Mcgreggor’s Lantern (special properties in it will replace certain minerals unreachable)
(3) 2. Bags of bones (2 bags giant/ogre skulls or knuckles)
(4) 3. Bags of rope (3 bags worth for tying up and hoisting Grippli in/out)
(2) 4. Bags of fish (4 bags any type of fish)
(3) 5. Emeralds in the raw (5 raw emeralds, uncut)
(1) 6. Glacial Ice (6 chunks)
(2) 7. Canisters of sugar (7 canisters)
(2) 8. Bronze shields with holes in the middle (8 shields)
(2) 9. Spider Silk (9 units)
(4)10. Sacks of sand (10 normal sacks)
(3)11. Graveyard Dirt (11 units in a bag)
(1)12. Sleep spells casted upon the heart cluster (slow the decayand save the strength of the tree until a cure is found)(Completed by Monty)
(3)13. Skull cap mushrooms (13 mushrooms)

Bug fight shortened, inspection with Frank less eventful, and only two areas looked at. Added areas will be explained by Frank in Episode 7.

Belferon, Durok, Keliana, Sun-Ok, Traudeck, Voran, Wallis Monty(late)