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  • Markshire PCs:

Markseteers Ohm, Volick and Knurrsson responded per Captain’s instructions to the site of an alleged zombie attack, the Written Art scroll shop in Stonemark. A Shop Inspector was already on the scene, along with a dead zombie. The Inspector was referred to the Captain for clarification of jurisdiction, and departed the scene, leaving the Markseteers to continue their investigation.

The shopkeeper reported that several students from the scribe school across the way ran in and hid behind her shelves, pursued by the zombie, who was in turn followed in by the dean of the school, who felled the creature with a spell. The dean confirmed this story, adding that the zombie had first appeared in the school, in a class for novice scribes.

The teacher of the class further elaborated that the zombie had appeared in a flash of flame and smoke in the middle of her classroom, while she was preparing the lesson and students were assembling their materials and beginning their practices. She further suggested that the novices themselves were incapable of scribing such a spell, and that the chalk they used for practice was unlikely to hold the power for such a spell. According to her, the zombie bit two students, whose wounds were treated, though no students remained on site for questioning. According to her the students and teacher fled, with the zombie coming after them, into the street, where they dispersed, some into the Written Art directly to their front.

After the incident, she reported that a roll call of students left only two missing–Fraud, son of a market weapons merchant, who often missed class anyway and may simply not have been there, and Teri Danforth, who rarely missed class. She could not say with certainty whether either had been in the classroom prior to the zombie’s appearance. The scorched desk in her classroom, she stated, was in the area where Teri usually worked, however. After accompanying the Markseteers back to the Written Art, she confirmed that a charred cloak found on the dead zombie was bound by a clasp given out to members of Teri’s guild. The zombie itself, however, had seemingly undergone such a hideous transformation, and substantial charring from the spell that causing its demise, that it was unidentifiable.

A visit to the guildhouse in question confirmed that the clasp was one of many identical ones given out to the guild’s membership, and the Markseteers were informed that Teri was not present, but not likely to be at that late hour, either. Word was left for him to report to Markseteer Ohm. Outside the guildhouse, Markseteer Knurrsson was attacked unsuccessfully by a seemingly rabid dog. A male bystander, unidentified, was not so fortunate, and perished. The dog was put down by a second bystander, female, also unidentified. A guardsmen dumped the dog’s body in the bay nearby, retrieved the bystander’s corpse, and was further tasked with the removal of the dead zombie from the scroll shop.

The Markseteers reported their conclusions to the Captain as follows. That the zombie attack was a seemingly isolated incident, and that it most probably manifested itself through the transformation of the student Teri Danforth into said zombie. There was, however, no obvious indication whether that transformation was accidental or intentional, nor who or what might have occasioned said transformation, nor why if intentional. The students themselves and the materials they use are reportedly insufficient to the task.

Respectfully submitted,

Maarten Knurrsson