Re: On Death and Axes

  • Markshire PCs:

Opi: my recollection is that the Pellytes are satisfied through this Friday’s episode. To extend further, Sun-Ok can do a delivery Thursday *checks clock, curses* night at 9 edt give or take, or we can do post-episode Friday. Saturday very iffy; can anybody else handle if I can’t make it work?

All: As a relative newcomer I stay silent on topics current elsewhere. However, readers of other posts will note that Sun-Ok is a firm believer in reincarnation, in the soul’s ability to take new life and new form while carrying its past with it.

That said, Opi’s reply here, which ought to arrive promptly as always, should constitute a concrete indication of when there will be at least some activity–plus a great DM–on the server. There will most likely be a little, lone, vulnerable, semi-naive, weighted-down-with-axes, foreign elf-girl wandering around in-game, trying to buy time for the grippli trade agreements with the Pellytes. Oh, and she has a killer dress for meeting the Thane. And will probably be attacked by numerous Cyclops. Or bugs. Or oxen. Or worse, even.

If your characters appear to be without motivation, presumably something in there would provide it: greed, politics, economy, altruism, racism, voyeurism, what have you. In terms of how such knowledge reached your characters, I can only say that the Thane has a lot of guards, and that Sun-Ok believes that off-duty they drink prodigiously while gambling on dog-fights: not good candidates for security clearances. Not that the grippli “team” is particularly guarded in its discussions, anyway. If you do seek to hinder her–be warned. She can have a very sharp tongue, and might curse you like a sailor. Or a tailor. Assuming you can find her.