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Lt. Tyler
  • Markshire PCs:

I just wanted to BUMP this, along with a snippet from BTP’s original post.

@BeyondThePale wrote:

…So, we’d like to propose the CDS. Give us your ideas for furthering your character plot and background wise and we will do our best to be accommodating. If you and another player get along well and you want to have something involving more than just yourself we welcome that as well.

Once the idea has been discussed, we will set up the server for your tailored session. But we need input. Not “I want to find a Staff of Power” but rather “I wish to delve further into such and such issue with my character by doing this.” This will allow you to enrich your character, not necessarily your XP totals or purse. It will also help us see your characters as you want them seen.

Feel free to throw ideas out, PM or forum wise. The more the merrier.

Now that the server is back up, this is more important than ever. Many players are bringing in new characters, so ideas about developing them are sorely needed. Ideas for developing more established characters are also appreciated.

PM any of the DMs, or Munin. That’ll get the ball rolling.

EDIT – Well lookey here, 1000th post. 🙂