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Chaz Abihsot’s Coopery:


The contents of this largish shop are all containers. Big crates mixed with small casks stand nearly to the ceiling all about. Display cases show off fripperies and coffers as well as intricate puzzle boxes intended to guard their contents.


*just inside the door*
Barrel Sale! Two 20 gallon barrels for 10 gold!

*written in calligraphy and lying in a display case*
By order of the Mage School of Markshire, Chaz Abihsot, is allowed to dimensionally anchor businesses and homes for use with his business within the confines of Markshire. Chaz Abihsot is required to collect a use tax on all who require this service of 10,000 gold pieces.

*written below it*
Please have the tax ready prior to the ritual. I have to pay them first.

*displayed on the other side of the case*
Not responsible for the contents of your chests or the chests themselves once opened outside of my shoppe. No warranties are given. Use at your own risk.

Commonly known:

Chaz is a strange little gnome. He talks to himself and inanimate objects frequently as if they are his best friends. Perhaps he does this because he made them and considers them to be his children.

Chaz sells “secret” magical chests that he alone knows how to make. The secret of his magic and the chests has been known by all of Markshire for some time. However, most keep up the charade with him during their “clandestine” exchange.

It’s rumored that Chaz’s chests are susceptible to the chaotic magics unleashed by the Titan’s release.

It’s also rumored and therefore well known that Chaz was hired by the Mage School of Markshire and the Arcane Order to install “safe points” throughout Markshire for teleporting and for his chests.