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Down with GameSpy … after a quick check I’ve found that there is a fix for the lack of GameSpy. Two separate angles in fact.

First, NWNCX … the guys behind the database extension for the server-side … has been created for players. This “patch” does the following:

For the player, it does a few very noticeable things:
• removes the long wait for the (non-functional) Master Server to time out
• unlocks the game’s camera angle limitation (so you can do things like look straight up to see more of the game)
• makes it possible to see new weapon visual effects, beam effects, and “skin” effects (like with barkskin) in-game
• opens the possibility for open-face helms (custom content creators needed for this)
• gives DMs the ability to use “instant feats” while possessing an NPC
• restores multiplayer server listing in-game (using data from Skywing’s replacement listing server) (admin info)

To install this you can visit their page. You will need to install Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package if it’s not already for some other game or application.

There are two ways to use this software:

  • You can run the provided NWNCX_Loader.exe file instead of NWMain.exe. This app runs the NWMain.exe but with the patches in the folder.
  • You can alternatively “patch” the NWMain.exe. This was fairly easy to do. I installed it with the camera angle unlock patch. Follow the instructions provided. Remember, this is at your own risk.

When you log in to the game with the alternate loader or with the patch, you won’t get the Master Player wait screen, you will see the old GameSpy screen but it will be filled with new information. Some of it is no longer useful, as the ping for all servers is 75, but the servers are listed by category and the history and favorites work.

I did the patch on my work computer’s install and everything seems fine so far.

Secondly, the new server list is made available online at It works for any server that has added the proper codes to their computer server. This overrides the GameSpy information and sends it to NWNList instead. Markshire is now listed on the new system.

So there you have it. Enjoy.