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Lt. Tyler
  • Markshire PCs:

@sarkhan wrote:

I have not been able to get into the garden in Stonemark since the server came back up before the was a spot in the fence that you could walk through but i haven’t been able lately. The garden im referring to is the one just outside the temple of Oden.

I know that I have been in that garden (it’s one of the few black cohosh root sources methinks), but I remember it was harder or more difficult than it was previously. I think the entrance I found was at the north end of the garden.

@sarkhan wrote:

Also another issue I’m having that i am sure is not server related is i have several stock portraits that are not showing all i see is a white field and am not hearing any pc voices if anyone has any ideas please let me know

Are those portraits in your portraits folder in your main NWN install path? If there isn’t one, make a folder, and try putting the portraits there.

As for soundsets, I’m not sure about this. Were those soundsets downloaded off the Vault? Maybe they need to be in your override folder?