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Kyle woke late with the sun shining brightly through the window. He knew that he had slept clear through the night and into the next afternoon because his bedroom window faced the west. He threw his legs off the bed onto the floor stood up slowly stretched, yawned and then began to rub the sleep from his eyes. As he got dressed his thoughts returned to Arik where he had been spending much of his time, searching the ruined city. Searching through old abandon houses, deserted shacks, suspicious temples and more than a few occupied buildings. More often than not Kyle was able to sneak by most of the city’s inhabitants, but on occasion he would miss a trap or alarm and wind up having to fight his way out. Fighting was not Kyles strong suit, although he was skilled enough to make a formidable opponent he was nowhere near the skill level of say Keli, Belferon, Valgrim or Ederyn but then again there was no way any of them could hide in a dark locked closet much less sneak in and out of Arik without being seen. They were built and trained for combat. Kyle not so much he was built and trained for stealth and recon. Now this last trip to Arik didn’t go so well, he had just about made it out when a group of Slavers ambushed him on his way out of the city’s main gate. Now while the fight didn’t go well for the slavers Kyle toke his share of cut and bruises which is what brought him back to the small flat he owned in Stonemark. The worst of his injury’s was a long and deep gash on his left hip it could have been a lot worse as the slaver was swinging for Kyle’s head, had he not defected the swing with his short sword he wouldn’t have walked away. But the Slaver was so much larger and stronger than Kyle that he wasn’t able to get completely out of the way and Kyle suspected the weapon had been coated with poison.
Kyle turned to the nightstand and grabbed the salve he had purchased previously that was very good at drawing out and neutralizing the poison. He was just applying the salve when he heard his bedroom door latch click. Quickly Kyle reached for his blades that were slung over the headboard as he turned back toward the door to face his intruder he saw a fist sized stone sail through the partially open door and land at his feet. Kyle looked down slightly confused then “Ohh Hel” BOOOMM!!