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@Thrym wrote:

Some things to keep in mind…

  • Markshire’s setting is essentially Medieval Knights with Norse Mythology set in a region with no ocean. You would be River Pirates or Raiders, no one has ever seen open water in this region
  • You can come up with some mannerisms, superstitions, etc. that aren’t specifically “Caribbean Pirate ala Jack Sparrow”
  • Njord is your god of choice for water safety be you merchant or pirate but to stave off death you still give homage to Hel and if you are down on your luck and need to hunt the woods for some food, Uller is your man … learn more
  • There are no guns … not even gun powder but you could go with magic missile wands and the like for a feeling of pistoleering

I’m sure there’s other specifics that might be counter to Caribbean type pirating so use your judgement and shoot me a PM, e-mail or IM if unsure about something.

Have fun and keep a weather eye for NPCs who don’t normally talk.

Good stuff, yeah I know there is no “body of water” around I envision more of a long boat with a fixed raiding party using the river as a fast escape route, not a place to raid ships, though that might happen from time to time.

The god issues will be personal to the crew so every pc can choose for themselves who they worship.

I figure the crew will use the crossbows from the decks, and melee weapons from the land or once boarded. However I will need a battle mage for the heavy lifting.

I’m sure we can find a good time to play.