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  • Markshire PCs:

Hey Boost, I’d be interested in being part of an evil band o’ pirates!

Also… I think that there is a pirate area in Spinehold where they
dock at already? Not 100% sure though. Either way, it’s sounds

Wednesday nights are usually bad for me as that’s D&D time. It
changes from week to week, but mostly it’s on Wednesdays.

Anyways… please keep me in the loop. Maybe we can get Opi
back, eh? Guess we’ll have to see. Hopefully there would be a DM
on during the same night we’re playing, obviously, to mess with a
blood thirsty band of brothers, eh matey? 😈


PS: Think I’d be interested in an evil cleric type. Guess we’ll see though
who wants what, eh?