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*settles into his narrative voice gleaned from years as a TV Voice Over guy*

You see, Sar, the teams at Google send out these wee bitty programs called spiders that follow links all across the world wide web or www. These little “bots” as they are also called learn everything about each page they visit.

Now because the Markshire forums are login protected by the good people at phpbb, the Google Bots can’t get to the newest posts. phpbb decided to give them their own special login, of sorts, that allows them to spider the forums to ensure the search engine is up-to-date.

Since the Who’s Online code reads who is accessing the site at any given moment that someone else looks at the bottom of the Board Index then it will show when Google Bots are snooping around gleaning the data we send out into the ether.

And there, dear Sar, is the story of the Google Bots. Not nearly as fascinating as the GoBots but good for a few paragraphs.

*resumes normal voice and returns to work*

NOTE: Not trying to be condescending either, just wanted to do the National Geographic/Mike Rowe Discovery Channel thing.