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  • Markshire PCs: Grottle, Gruzk, Ashimar

I reset the server this morning around 11:00 EST.

@Brindisium wrote:

(1) it seemed as though I could not attack
anything while shifted (e.g. into an elemental). I tried direct clicking and the radial menu. And I tried with two different characters.

No idea on this one. Sounds like a glitch with the elemental spawn in. I don’t know what could stop you from targeting.

@Brindisium wrote:

(2) Spawns (and combat in general) were happening in a very chaotic manner. Walking up the pass triggered nothing but then when I turned around and walked back down (without leaving the area) I seemed to spawn a boat load. Two boat loads in fact!

Lag can cause time delays in spawning but not increased spawning. I would guess that the regular spawn occurred and a Random Encounter occurred. In either pass this could occur.

I need specifics … area, who was on, who else was near you, where in the area you were, etc. Then I can attempt to replicate the issue to debug it. I can’t see a spot to attempt to troubleshoot this.