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  • Markshire PCs:

The point I have to make has nothing at all to do with the project, per se. I have expressed this opinion to T, on occasion. It used to be you could actually invest in companies directly, but now U.S. law is so screwed up, it would cost them more than your investment to do the damn paperwork. So they have resorted to things like Kickstarter, where they don’t give you money, but “perks” so they can (hopefully) avoid the Federal oversight. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve contributed to at least one Kickstarter project (Shadowrun Online), and would again. I’d just like to be able to actually invest, rather than get “bonuses” that I may not want. But I don’t have $50.000 to do it with, so it’s basically Kickstarter or nothing.
I just find that kind of sad.