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Lt. Tyler
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@SpymasterGend wrote:

…Very exciting list of new options–I award you all the tailored kewpie doll (Child’s doll recipe).

Glad you’re enjoying the new additions! A good number of them are purely there for RP purposes, including the toys and such.

@SpymasterGend wrote:

Wondered about a couple of things:

    1) no silver wire or titanium wire, nor derived hoods and padded armors from same; intentional, oversight, or not yet completed?

This is intentional. The aim with the hoods and padded armors was to take the various metal types already used in CNR armors (e.g. cobalt, adamantium, etc.) and apply them to hoods and padded armor more suited for non-heavy armor wearing characters. Since there is currently no craftable silver or titanium armors, we didn’t make any corresponding hoods/padded armors.

@SpymasterGend wrote:

    2) bronze wire hood has no (visible) properties

This is intentional. The bronze hood is the easiest to craft, and serves as the starting point for this series of items. As such it has no bonus attributes. Think of it like the copper shields.

@SpymasterGend wrote:

    3) most “new” metal weapons seem to be filling in gaps in weapon coverage for prior recipes, but mithral looks to be all new–is that weapons list intended to be complete? largely but not exclusively edged weapons in it; specific selfish question why mithral short sword but not rapier?

This is true. The aims for new weapons recipes were to twofold: One, include the CEP weapons into the CNR (e.g. Maul of Fire, etc.). Second, add new mithral weapons at the suggestion of one of the players. Due to the bonus that mithral adds to a weapon, only weapons with the slashing damage type were made to be mithral-able. In my current conception the weapon list is substantially complete.

@SpymasterGend wrote:

Finally, will there be a new forum for next round of new recipes? Many ideas brewing…

Feel free to PM me or post ideas here. There’s currently no definitive plan on a further crafting expansion for MS1, but it never hurts to make a suggestion!

Enjoy the Pipe Tobacco!