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  • Markshire PCs:

@Thrym wrote:

The questions to the three who showed for the event:

Did the Aerie give the impression of being an Aerie?

What did you think of the village?

What did you think of the eagles compared to your levels?

First off, let me say I’m sorry I had to bail at the end of the adventure as I missed the actual last 5 minutes, doh! I hope all went well in the last few minutes and that the capstone was indeed placed where it needed to be placed.

1) What (or who) exactly is an Aerie? Probably some simple answer, but I didn’t see any referance to it/him/her in game any place.

2) I think the village is really nice and peaceful. I’m gonna explore the map more today so I can get a better picture of what the new village looks like. I know Belferon would hope that there’s a baker someplace in the village making some delicious pies…

3) The eagles are a good challenge and may be a bit too strong for 4th level characters on their own. This was more apparent when fighting the new tribe and the eagles at the same time. But… I think most people will simply use more potions/kits when dealing with those pesky eagles. So I guess it all works out well enough. What do the rest of you say?