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  • Markshire PCs: Grottle, Gruzk, Ashimar

In an effort to create some amperage amongst you all I’ll let drop some stuff in store for the weekend:


  • NEW VILLAGE: Fane Village
    Find it on the Map
    For now, it’ll be a facade of a village with no interior areas.
  • Caravan Access to the Village
  • A new TRIBE of monsters
  • The storyline has consequences for Markshire and the war that just started.
  • When we’re done, the areas will remain in game and accessible.
  • For those that didn’t participate in the last event (some time ago I’m afraid) here’s a bit of a storyline recap.

    The PC bad guys managed to release the Mad Red Titan from his inter-dimensional prison and all Hel broke lose. He destroyed The Wall in Gastlinyk Gate and surround the city in pockets of Chaos. Thrym and his children seized the opportunity to attack the city and have succeeded in taking the eastern half of the city.

    The Guardsmen of Markshire have mobilized and hold the Frost Giants in Gate but they have lost some key battles recently. It’s likely that they will have to retreat into Thrym Pass and abandon the city for now.

    Lord Allox Mark has charged the Heroes of Markshire with building an impenetrable wall on the pass-side of Foothold.

    And now, YOU are being called upon in the defense of Markshire.