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Markshire’s Nerfed Pulse Drown

by Hrogath of Deephold

As I just discovered I had not detailed this system yet.

The ORIGINAL water elemental ability, PULSE DROWN works like this:

  • Elemental takes 50% of its hit points in damage.
  • A radius of size large (5 meters) determines who is affected.
  • Each person within that radius must make a Fort Save at DC 20 or DIE.

They get this ability once per day.

In PnP they do not get a death attack. They get a bonus to attack when both the opponent and they are touching water. They get to drench things (put out fires). They also get to create a water vortex while in water that can cause damage per round.


The Elemental engulfs the radius around it with water like a water bomb. Everyone caught in the blast must avoid getting knocked down from the water blast. Those that do get knocked down must make an initial save to avoid inhaling the water all around them. Those that fail this save must then make an additional save to avoid dying.

Effects last up to 3 rounds including initial PULSE.


  • Water Elemental uses PULSE attack and all in the radius must make a Reflex Save or be knocked down. Elemental loses half its hit points.
  • All who were knocked down make a Drowning Fort Save, Failure = Loss of 50% of hit points and remain knocked down.
  • All in radius who missed their first Fort Save make a final Drowning Fort Save, Failure = Death.

All saves are modified by Elemental HD.

  • SMALL: 1-3 HD: DC 14
  • MEDIUM: 4-7 HD: DC 17
  • LARGE: 8-15 HD: DC 20
  • HUGE: 16+ HD: DC 25

We give the HUGE elementals two of these per day instead of one.

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