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  • Markshire PCs:

No ‘ seems to ‘ about it .. they reverted.

I was so looking forward to continuity of crafting E Oil but now it’s back to being cut off at lvl 10, and as Aelswith said, E Oil is vital to crafting as so many recipes require it.

If replacement of the models is a difficult procedure, would adjusting the Enchanting Oil Recipe be easier by replacing skeleton knuckle with another item that is available? I think affected scripts would be Alchemy Table and Alchemy Recipe Card.

Edit: By ‘continously’ I mean through all levels of all classes, not just permanently spawned as per the purchaseable white mushroom the recipe already uses. Though mebbe that would offer a restriction via expense if you feel it needful?

Then again, how about simply removing the 2 flasks per reset restriction at The Abbey? Allow any amount for purchase at a reasonably expensive cost? Would still allow for hiring new chars/players to get knuckles on a bounty.