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I sent out the following mass e-mail from the forum admin this morning:

@Markshire Forums wrote:

Markshire DM to host weekly events

BoostNJuice has been promoted to DM and is looking to set up a weekly game that he can run.

Login to the forums and vote for a day of the week to get this started.

If interest increases perhaps we’ll add even more new stuff in game and/or update existing stuff.

Get in game!

For those that haven’t popped back on since the server was restored, there are already several new areas in game. Starting with Fane Village which lies below the Narlynwik Forest. In the Dimmaskog Forest south of the village lies another tribe of Orcs to investigate.

There are rumors that a band of pirates have been running raids from the docks in the Laatneer district of Stonemark?

Get in game! All it takes is a few flakes to start the Blizzard!

If you didn’t receive this message, please check your spam/junk folders and your messages on here. If I got an undeliverable notice from your mail server I notified you via PM.