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Story 1
First registration for application to the new task force commissioned by the son of Lord Allox Mark occurred Tuesday with a large turnout. Only five were able to pass the first entry exam of literacy and local residency check. After the physical portion of the application exams finished, Verdant Park was re-opened to the public. Nightly fireworks displays were held on time. Capt. Rickard said, “There was a good turnout for such a specialized task force, both men and women signed up. All the candidates did very well in this portion of the exams. It was a good day.” This coming Tuesday shall be another registration event and the second round of testing. Rickard mentioned they will be taking new sign-ups as well as the delivering the second half of the entry exams. Guard posts are not expected to be unattended for this event. “We have outstanding men in the Elite Guard. Even their family members have volunteered to help with these events. We shouldn’t have to pull anyone away from their normal duties.” Rickard said.