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I have come to the fact that i am dead and my soul is stuck on this plan left to rome the land as a spirit, I yell out but no one can hear me even when screaming in there faces they do not no i am there.

I sit and watch and and take notes on what everyone is saying and doing they make me so sick always running to help the helpless.

This form has some powers i can move small things around a room for a short time using that i can lift a item off some one and put it another’s pocket and watch the show doing this i could feel something like i was getting stronger yes i was it was Chaos I was feeding off it and it felt good.

I came to a sick farmer a few nights past I entered his body i was in control of him like he was my puppet to make do what evil i could so i had him right rember me Sar Reinhart the Red is back in his own blood all over the farm house then i made him cut his throat at that time my soul left his dead body i was so week it took a lot of my power to posses the man.

With my new tricks i was off to finish what i started to make Sar pay for killing me i will haunt him for the rest of his life.