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    • Markshire PCs:

    A familiar face approaches you and greets you with a serious look and an outreached hand. He begins to speak quickly then lowers his voice moving closer as to not fade out. He controls the conversation with his short quick speech while constantly looking for unintended ears.

    Hey, look, take it or leave it, I remember you vaguely too, from that place we know. I got some hot news from there. Listen to this….
    These rumors of a new face in the Spire are spreading quickly. And as far as I know they are all true. Rather than tell them all to you I tell ya this. Words from this newcomer’s mouth were nearly unheard of before, talking big changes. Residents and frequent visitors need to catch wind of this meeting to be held at the Spire. The words revolution and alliance of outcasts are common in the rumors being passed, and oh yeah it all comes with a great promise of power, whichever kind of power thou desire kind of power. A serious proposal from a new face no one knows sounds kind …well, can it be trusted? Who knows, he sounds serious, real serious. One shall never know unless they attend a gathering though…..Are you going? I am… Well, pass the word to any…uh… you know. Well any way, I can’t wait to see the inside of that Castle Marks…. Later!”

    😈 😈 Titanphilia 😈 😈

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