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    Alright, as is typical I’ve picked up the kids and settled in to work on Markshire.

    I’m talking to Monty via TeamSpeak and we’re discussing the use of SQL for Markshire 2.0. We’ve been talking for quite sometime. It’s after midnight and the kids are heading to bed. (For those that don’t know, the kids are in their mid-teens and I have two.)

    The stage:

    I live downtown in a decent sized village in the Finger Lakes in NY. We are up to three stop lights in the village proper. I live a block and a half from the now former Sheriff’s Head Office and County Court House and half a block from the first downtown brick building. My street is well patrolled and a fairly nice neighborhood in general with the exception of a multi-apartment house and a rundown 2 apartment house.

    Story time:

    Where was I … oh yeah … I’m talking to Monty when I hear a girl scream a couple of times outside.

    Now, kids walk up and down this street at all times of the night and this isn’t the first time I’ve heard screaming matches. However, I still go to the front of the house and check.

    I arrive in time to see a two men standing between a man and a woman. The third man actually runs around the two men and bull rushes the woman knocking her head over ass on to the pavement. She hits hard on her head, neck and shoulders.

    I pulled the headset and busted out through my front door at full speed. The sound of which makes the third man (her boyfriend and father of her daughter) turn and bolt.

    It’s freezing outside. I check on the girl quickly and go back inside for the phone and for the first time in my life dialed 911 and was glad that the service wasn’t some voice system.

    I go back outside with a blanket and cover the girl who’s still down on the side of the street. The two guys (her brother and a friend) are crouched over her and none of them is wearing coats. I am talking to the 911 operator as the cops appear.

    Two show up. One checks on us and the other proceeds to the powder blue decrepit 2 apartment house down and across the street near the downtown buildings. As soon as a couple of EMTs in a car arrived the other townie heads to check on the other officer.

    The fire departments here in town and the neighboring ones are all top-notch and very responsive to calls. These two guys arrived seconds after the cops. Both were from opposite neighboring towns and happened to be driving thru town.

    Within moments the girl is sitting on my porch steps getting checked out by the EMTs and I’ve retrieved my jacket. Did I mention it’s freezing out? The cops are done with her for the moment. They asked the usual questions. People’s names, including middle initial, D.O.B.s and addresses are given. Since the cops are finished and the ambulance is 10 minutes away I move everyone inside my house and we pack in the front hallway so we’re near the door.

    Ambulance arrives. A very tired actual doctor comes in and examines the girl again.

    Now, important facts about those involved … each and every one of them is intoxicated. According to them they’ve all killed a 30-pack of Keystone Light and started on a second. Hysterical girl plus beer equals emotional wreck who wants to throw down with anyone who ain’t doing what she wants. She had two such fits because she thought the ambulance driver wouldn’t let her brother on the ambulance and when she thought they wouldn’t have a ride back from the hospital.

    This is where good Samaritans come into play. I offer to ferry the brother and friend to the hospital AND offer to pick them all up the next morning if need be in order to get the girl to calm down enough to let the emergency workers put her through the paces and get her on the ambulance.

    Now this was kind of the amusing part. The girl doesn’t feel hurt anywhere and she’s intoxicated (a lot) so there’s no way they can check her for a concussion. So they go all cautious and neck brace her and then backboard her. And let me tell you, intoxicated emotional girl and being strapped in so you can’t move DO NOT go well together.

    Eventually, and much calming and quieting later by ALL involved, the girl leaves my home on her orange board and gets put on a stretcher and inserted into the ambulance.

    The ambulance doctor allows the brother to ride upfront. So that leaves me handling the friend. I call my son from his room and explain that I am going to drive someone to the hospital and head out. Unfortunately, things being what they are we end up waiting 20 more minutes.

    The first ambulance driver is ALONE. She can’t treat the patient in the ambulance and drive so they call in a second ambulance with two men so one can drive the other. Now, I’m not annoyed or pissed about the lone ambulance driver. This is a volunteer based service that maintains a few employed personnel via contributions and such. So I can understand them being shorthanded.

    So it’s approaching 2 am and I am driving someone I don’t know (seen him a few times and knew his first name) to the hospital on a Friday night. The ambulance drives off finally and I follow.

    The hospital is west of us and a fairly straight shot so we’re there in less then 15 minutes. I drop off my passenger and head home.

    The Conclusion:

    Now, who can sleep after all of this? Okay, perhaps I would have been up till 3 anyway. It’s not uncommon but I am trying to avoid it these days. So I am sitting at the computer attempting to do some work. The phone rings.

    Sure enough it’s the guy I drove to the hospital. The girl is frantic that her now ex-boyfriend is at her apartment ripping her off. Of course, this guy is rideless. So I drive back to the hospital to collect him in order to drive all the way back and then back again to the hospital.

    Luckily, when I get there, the girl is being processed to leave the hospital and I discharge my offered assistance all at once by bringing her, her brother and the friend all home.

    The car ride back was nearly hysterical. I am doing my best to remain stone-faced as the girl goes on a tirade about what she would like to happen to her ex. while the two in the back seat are reassuring her and trying to keep her calm.

    I drop her at the door to the apartment building, figuring less walking equals less likely to trip, fall and force me to drive to the hospital yet again. The girl has thanked me profusely several times and offers to bring me chili or lasagna or one of several other foods I can’t remember. I don’t hold out hope for a free meal. Nor am I sure if I would eat it.

    I finally go to bed around 4 am with the hope that my community service is at an end for the weekend.

    • Markshire PCs:

    *Shakes head*

    Life is nothing but full of surprises, eh?

    • Markshire PCs:

    “There is a scream in the still of the night”
    *cue heroic music*
    “Look to the sky….is it a bird, is it a plane? No, its super Thrym!!!”
    I must say you are far nicer then me.

    • Markshire PCs:

    Yeah, I usually don’t even check when I hear a scream … Sounds like you got some winners in your neighborhood.

    – mule

    • Markshire PCs:

    I personally don’t hear screams, apart from foxes and cats. Quite an enjoyable little tale

    • Markshire PCs:

    Your heart is in the right place, most people would not go charging outside to help someone, they may not even call the police. I applaud your heroism. As someone who has experience with scenarios such as this, there is a need to be extremely careful, though you seemed to handle it admirably. I realize that you familiar with the people involved, living in a small town, but you never know what a drunk, and even worse, a drunk chic, is capable of. They can be dangerous and unpredicatable. Drunk guys just fight, and it’s easier to see coming, women scratch, stab, throw things and some times try to hurt themselves.

    Rarely have a I heard a tale of a good citizen going way out of his way to help someone they didn’t even know. If more people were like you, the world would be a better place.

    • Markshire PCs:

    Was Monty so busy yammering on about the turtles that he didn’t notice you gone?

    • Markshire PCs:

    I was busy hounding him later, telling him to file the complaint (since I doubt the girl will) and have the the jerk arrested! Good work, T!


    • Markshire PCs:

    haha…i live in cleveland…

    i dont look out the window unless there are gunshots…

    well…gunshots…with screams that follow…

    nice job Thrym…i like to think id do the same thing…but i wont know until im actually put to the test..

    hold your head high

    • Markshire PCs:

    Here, here, Domf. Your words ring true. Thrym talks the talk and walks the walk.

    @ Thrym: You’re a good man, Charlie Brown. 🙂

    • Markshire PCs:

    Wow, your neighbors are strange T.

    And kudos man! You did the right thing!

    • Markshire PCs:

    I just put something together… the similarities between your neighbors and my in laws. Except there is more love between your neighbors and I don’t feel the need to execute them.

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