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    • Markshire PCs:

    The scrolls contains a number of scenes that, viewed together in the right order, make a little story. What writing there is has been penned in the flowery hand of a young girl.

    Scene 1. A girl (the figure wears a dress) and a dwarf (the figure is much shorter than normal but wields a big sword) enter a cave. The girl has been labelled Lily, the dwarf Moirin.

    Scene 2. A number of Orcs leap from the shadows and attack them.

    Scene 3. Dead Orcs cover the floor but a few very large ones still menace the two. The dwarf stands between the Orcs and the girl; he is badly wounded.

    Scene 4. The girl has escaped. She sits outside the cave. Her face is sad (impossibly large tear drops are drawn on her cheeks) 🙁

    Scene 5. Another dwarf passes by. He has a bandage tied around his head like a bandanna.

    Scene 6. The second dwarf charges into the cave. A little bubble appears above his head with the words “DOOG DEFEND!” written in it.

    Scene 7. Both dwarves and the girl stand together. They are all smiling. 😀

    At the bottom of the note the author has, in red, drawn a little heart and written her name: LILY

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