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    In a dark corner of the Red Dragon Inn only lit by a single candle, a small fella sits all by himself engrossed in the work before him. Pubert Fleebish is this guys name, a gnome from a small village on the outskirts of Stonemark. A brewer by trade, just like his father and four other generations of Fleebish men before him. The book, if you can call it that anymore, is a worn and tattered old thing, with a broken spine, loose pages and random bits of paper and parchment stuffed into a hard leather covered wooden shell. This book is the legacy of the Fleebish men, passed on from father to son and someday in the future Pubert’s son will inherit this tome of brewing knowledge.

    Pubert looks over the many pages of gnomish writing before him, obviously in deep thought. His concentration is broken by a young musician who has started playing by his table. With a smile, he tells the boy that his music is wonderful but need some peace to work. He gives the boy a gold piece and asks him to please return when he take a break to eat some dinner. Pubert returns to the pages as the boy wonders off to the other side of the inn to play for some travelers who have just entered. Pubert pulls out a chunk of graphite from his pack, gives it a good sharp blow with the handle of his dagger, breaking off a more manageable size piece. He puts the chunk away and goes back to writing. Not may folk have begun using the rock as a writing tool, but since its discovery by a gnome jeweler in his village, Pubert has used it quite a bit to make quick notes and formulas, to be penned at a later time.

    For hours Pubert pours over his work, writing times, temperatures and amounts of various ingredients. Finally his hunger has grown enough to distract him from his work, so he sits back with some meat, cheese and bread. He waves the boy back over to play for him, and the boy obliges him with a strum of his lute and a little singing.

    Later that evening Pubert is in the local brewing hall, working hard in the heat of this place. Sweat beads on his brow and his back is strained from carrying buckets of water back and forth, he presses on into the night. Adding sugar to the kettle, slowly stirring the mix, he doesn’t notice the figure that has come into the room behind him. He turns to get some wheat from a sack and is startled to see this man standing there. Long robes, a staff of swirling power and a wolfs head. Pubert smiles as the man removes the mask.

    Pubert: Good eve to you Mezano.
    *With a grin on his face*Mezano: Just coming by to see how your coming along, and to bring you bottles from that young woman you made the order a few days ago.
    *Smiling*Pubert: More bottles? Thank goodness, I was starting to run low. I use quite a bit of them.
    Walking over to the brewing kegs against the wall.
    Pubert: Things are coming along nicely, here have a sample…
    Pubert turns the tap on the keg to fill a bottle, then hands it to Mezano.
    Pubert: A little sweeter then the last batch, not sure if I’m taking it in the right direction or not. I’m thinking of adding a bit of spice to the mix.
    Mezano takes the bottle and drinks down the sweet brew, polishing off the sample. He grins, nodding his head.
    Mezano: I like what you doing here, but yes a little spice might do it some good. I will leave you to it. Here are your bottles.
    Motioning to two large boxes sitting on the floor by the doorway.
    Mezano: Good night Pubert and good luck with that brew.
    Pubert: Good bye then, my friend…..be safe out there.

    Pubert returns to his kettle with small smile on his face…..

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