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    Quinne Volick
    • Markshire PCs:

    Quinne walks into Ogbogu’s shop. She waits as he tends to another customer, after he is finished she comes to the counter.
    He greats her with a smile.
    Hello Ogbogu,
    I know you deal with many people, if they be sellers or buyers. I am interested in crafting some rubies, but am unable to find some.
    If you or your stone dealers know where to find them, I will be willing to supply you a a low cost. Sound good?
    I’ll let you think it over for a couple of days and I’ll come back for your responce.
    Have a good day.

    She turns and leaves the shop.

    OOC// I’ve gotten to a point where I need new stones to work with, I have never found rubies anywhere. The only stone that has a chalange for me is Emeralds(hopping the rubies do) but do not have the level to get to Arik to get them.
    A little help please.

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