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    Gamespy ID: Lydyn
    Character Name: Adora Qaba
    Gender: Female
    Race: Elf
    Age: 197
    Class: Cleric
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Deity: Odin


    Portrait Download

    Sun-kissed skin matched with burning orange hair and a set of green eyes, this woman is in amazing shape. Lean muscle coupled with the natural grace of the elven race makes her a beauty to behold, though a closer look reveals the faintest of scars across her legs and arms.


    Adora is an enigma – a mystery – save for the gods whom always watched her, if any. Even her sister had a hard time understanding the woman, as she developed from a naive happy girl to a quiet guardian. Only one had truly understood her, but that one is now in the afterlife with her god.

    Adora grew up in a unremarkable home with common parents that were nothing but happy to have a small family of their own. There was nothing strange or great, but it didn’t matter, because Adora was just simply … happy.

    It was a day not unlike any other, though Adora and Jasmine had grown up into very young ladies, and it was a time that her parents felt it safe to leave them at home while they shopped. Not long after they had left on a specific evening, that a knock came upon the door. Adora, still young and naive, hoped it and asked the men who they were. At the mention of being old friends of her mother, there was no need to say anything else as they were let in. The hours passed and the two men enjoyed the young ladies and their company – for a time.

    The strange part of the tale for Adora was when her parents returned, asking who the strangers were. Jasmine tried to introduce them as old friends, but Adora caught the growing smirks on the men’s faces and the blades that slowly slipped into their hands … it wasn’t until the screaming ended that she saw her parents again, laying down in a pool of hot red liquid.

    The small caravan started to roll away with a young Adora in it, looking back to her sister and despite how fast those little legs could run, Jasmine’s figure got smaller and smaller. Weeks went by until Adora had the courage to try and escape … which met with little resistance oddly, but the bandits hadn’t seemed to put that much value on the girl in the first place.

    She was lost and alone, but she wandered, wondering if she could’ve done something to stop the bandits. Got in the way, threw something at them, asked them more questions, politely turned them away … these thoughts plagued Adora’s mind for years, ever blaming herself for her parent’s death.

    It was in her wonderings that she met a priest of the Sentinels, a group of clerics and others that work in pairs to guard one another. The priest has been none other than Jerik, one of the Eyes of the Sentinels, with his wife Aura. He took the lost woman into his care, but even he had questions about what Adora often thought of, that would go unanswered. He didn’t give up though, as he taught her wisdoms of the world.

    As time passed, she proclaimed faith in the gods above, wishing to work their will into the world. She felt that maybe she could make up for her failings in the past and that just maybe, those above could help her do that, to make the lives around her just a little better. It was her atonement for what she saw as letting those bandits into the house.

    In time, she was assigned to another cleric, Walwarin. While Walwarin was the priestess, Adora acted as the Sentinel, despite being a priest herself. In time, it was Walwarin that opened the mind of the troubled Adora and grew close to her … and even after, they grew closer than even sisters – sharing bounds between women not oft spoken of.

    Gastlinyk Gate was attacked however, and all of that ended as those of the Sentinels fought against the horde, and mostly lost. Adora would have never survived it though, had it not been for her precious Walwarin, who so selflessly sacrificed her life in order for Adora to escape the destruction of the town.

    Though it’s been some time now, enough to get over the initial reaction of what had passed. Adora had traveled with the refugees to the west, along with only five pairs left within the Sentinels, including the Eyes of the order. While still a part of the (now) small order, she is an Sentinel Errant – a guardian without one to protect.

    This is where her story truly begins.

    Adora can be rather quiet at times, but also has an opinion for about anything, if she cares to share it. Though she may not seem very caring of other’s blights, she will often do something to help if she sees the opportunity to do so.

    Though perhaps a small quirk of hers is to keep her past hidden behind a shell, even if the gods were to visit, one would still have to pry open the shell to see the beauty within.

    Though, through all her mystery, there is a subtle sadness to her eyes. One could describe it as loneliness, though it’s far from being that simple.

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