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    • Markshire PCs:

    Yeah I don’t think this is cool that you guys booted me out of the fantasy football league. This is a keeper league thats been going on for a few years and I’ve been playing in the league since it started. Let’s also mention that I played on the server for years.

    I understand that there WAS a problem with my email. There shouldn’t have been because in yahoo football league you auto invite the previous teams, which would have invite me. Having said that the decision to boot me was not because of the email, it was to include someone else that was not me. All I needed was a league ID and password in a pm if there was an email problem.

    I realize that some of you guys are old buddies and you wouldn’t know me if I walked past you on the street, but I felt that I made quite a few friends in my time here. And this isn’t how you treat your friends. If you want to put some other dude in the league that you guys are buddies with, fine, be honest and say that, don’t beat around the bush, tell me I can play next season, then lock me out of the forum.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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