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    • Markshire PCs: Grottle, Gruzk, Ashimar

    Santrix has recently gotten A LOT of PMs.

    @Domino wrote:

    Titled: CEP2 Haks & GreenPringles Account

    Hi, can I have that link to the BTVault for the CEP2 haks, please?
    Also, my GreenPringles forum account still won’t accept any password I enter. Please check my account with your admin rights and reply to me with the exact password there.

    Also, just to let you know, I’m happy to help out around Cal if you want me back on the team for anything (forum stuff, game stuff etc).

    Had a good time with the new players last night. Smile

    @Brindsidium wrote:

    Titled: Board colours


    I’m sorry to create work for you outside the game but I’m finding the board colour style very very hard on my poor old eyes. Say ahhhhh.

    Really I’m not just being a whimp I have typical male colour blindness and have to squint so hard to read messages it almost hurts.

    I tried switching the board style to sub-silver but couldn’t make it work… it is enabled?


    @Ceorlas wrote:

    Titled: hell fires a-go-go

    very nice !

    really enjoyed the atmospheric touches & the mobs were just right for the party ability.

    looking forward to continuation as is Brind

    regards, Ceorlas

    @Brindsidum wrote:

    Titled: I loved it San

    Hate being spoon fed – and said so to the party. And the setting and visuals were superb.


    @Nick Adrian wrote:

    Titled: Good event today…hope we continue.

    Hey, that was a really nice set up on the event. Hope we continue with it. Been a long time since we had such a turn out. Please don’t let the actions of one or a couple ruin this for ya’. The guys from Markshire said they enjoyed it. David and I were saying we look forward to it continuing as well.


    @Forsaken wrote:

    Titled: event headaches?

    What happened?

    I here bits and pieces from a few but my guess is #1 pain in the ass GP was causing Grief?

    Should have offered a warning then booted him from event

    feel me in

    @Santrix wrote:

    Titled: Re: event headaches?

    To be honest i had my missues giving me hassle, my dad was phoning to give me work and GP was just pissing me off….. So i just ended it… I didnt wanto appear so heavy handed as kicking him as i hadnt really had a great deal of time to take in what was being said, plus the party werent really having chance to make any decisions…..

    GP really fucked me off…. excuse my french…. he wont be getting anything from me… but he can stay… i think the players knew who was to blame… i just wasnt prepared for the critique, if he can go build a world like that and run events then maybe he has the right, but he hasnt so he can piss off lol…

    rant over..

    @Forsaken wrote:

    Titled: Re: event headaches?

    He is back to cause mischief I am sure of it. He told me he explored school and found he was not ready and is now considering other options…… he is most likely freeloading and gunna stay by his puter all the time and chime in when he feels he can cause grief and or act the big shot for the new players.

    He must be closely monitored

    • Markshire PCs: Grottle, Gruzk, Ashimar

    From the Inner Circle of Coolness:

    Titled: hmmmm

    @Santrix wrote:

    Looking thru the mod and looking at players equipment i gotta say i cant wait to get the new mod sorted as theres bloody loads of what id call custom gifted items with crazy attributes… i could really kick GPs ass, he just has created a load of feckin crazy items that dont follow the rules at all……

    Get realms done, and can we close the arcane collection asap please..


    @Forsaken wrote:

    Lets mix up the items there, and change what they buy. Thats all we need to do.

    I will look into it when I get a few hours

    @Forsaken wrote:

    Green added all this stuff. I will get rid of lots of it and get it to just a couple categories…..

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