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    Lt. Tyler
    • Markshire PCs:

    This human wizard is Aels’s first wiz and is currently 5th level.

    Catani is a refugee from near Gastlinyk Gate, who arrived to Foothold after the Titan was released. So far I haven’t seen her mention anything about her family and their fate.

    Catani is a bit of a bumbling wizard, which Aels is doing a good job of RPing. See, Catani is left handed, so she’s always having difficulty translating instructions geared to righthanders (being a lefty in real life, I can relate to this – I remember my dad trying to teach me to swing a golf club).

    She’s been working hard to learn how to scribe (along with Cor’s 7th level wiz Bram and Ceorlas’s 3rd level wiz Nevin), and wanting to promote this, as well as knowing that Catani has been atively seeking out a teacher, the Seidrjarl approached her. Using the female appearance I made, the Seidrjarl helped her by giving her some blank scrolls, some scribing inks (lesser evocation and abjuration) and some enchanting oils. Also gave her a Sleep scroll so she could scribe it to her spellbook.

    Aels seemed to enjoy the whole thing. Acquiring stuff for scribing would be good fodder for little one off adventures with Catani.

    • Markshire PCs:

    She’s now connected with the Auger Bit Syndicate. They have her name and contact information (a room at the Red Dragon Inn is where she claimed to stay on occasion), and will eventually contact her for future employment.

    She has also chatted with Trevor Lionsol at the Blacksmith’s Forge in Foothold. The coal bin was very low and she found some Skeleton’s Knuckles in the dust at the bottom.

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