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    • Markshire PCs:

    This young elf woman seems out of place among the Markshire elves–a bit thinner, perhaps, her features a bit flatter, her eyes tilted slightly upward. Her coloring seems different, as well: sienna eyes, dark brown hair, slightly yellow skin. On first inspection, she appears calm and poised, graceful as many elves are. As you watch, though, you note that she regularly smoothes wrinkles or brushes dirt from her clothes. Without seeming to, she glances nervously around, observing all around her. When she speaks, your impression is confirmed–she speaks elven with an odd deep stuttering accent, like a woodpecker swallowed by a treant. Her Markshire common is choppy, limited, and sometimes incomprehensible. She is clearly from a far-distant realm. Yet you sense any nervousness she has is somehow with herself, not her surroundings. She is here, but not of here.

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