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    If you would like to maintain a log of your time on NWN follow the instructions below. It would certainly help us if we need to adjudicate an issue.

    Locate the nwnplayer.ini file in your NWN directory.

    Open it in Notepad or any other plain text editor.

    Scroll down to the [Game Options] section. Below the other items listed input the following line …


    ** If the line already exists but says ClientChatLogging=0 change it to 1 **

    Save the file and you are done.

    Now when you log off of NWN a log file is created in a folder called logs. ** Neverwinter Nights > NWN > logs ** The file is called nwclientlog1.txt. This will contain whatever was sent to your dialog window in game (Tells, Conversations, etc.).

    This file is overwritten everytime you log in. To keep the file go into the folder and rename it to something else or download one of the programs on the vault that does it for you. I recommend the Gnomish Log Rotator(GLR).

    The logs are helpful for you as well as DMs. Biography writing, plot tracking, and incident reporting are just a few examples.

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