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    • Markshire PCs:

    Let me preface this by saying several things;

    At no time has anyone currently in our group given us any reason to bring this topic up. Those that have been frequenting Markshire in the growing stages have no current worries here.

    This topic has arisen on another PW that Thrym and I happen to hold in a certain high regard. We could not agree with the stance they have taken on it more. We wish to expound upon it further.

    On that world, the fun of other players has been spoiled by the childish actions of people that find it fun to deride their fellow players via Tells.

    This is not acceptable on Markshire.

    The aforementioned instance seems to have come from situations where Character vs. Character encounters have turned into Player vs. Player issues.

    This is not acceptable on Markshire.

    Conflict between characters should stay precisely there. In Character. Now, that being said, there are circumstances where you can run junk on people that are familiar with you. This is the only time this is acceptable. Allow me to illustrate.

    Good Friend A: (Tell) Where you hiding tonight?

    Good Friend B: (Tell) Your Mom and I are hanging out at the Cafe in Stonemark. She says hi.

    Good Friend A: (Tell) You just wait til we bump into each other. We’ll see who’s laughing then.

    Good Friend B: (Tell) Me and my short hairy dwarf butt won’t hold our collective breaths. 😉

    This is acceptable, because both people know just where they stand. Banter between friends.

    Player A: (Tell) Dude, I just SMOKED your ass.

    Player B: (Tell) Excuse me?

    Player A: (Tell) I own your sorry butt. Next time I see you it will be worse. Loser. Come on, who plays bards?

    Player B: *logs off*

    This is unacceptable. Don’t do it.

    We hope to have a variety of folks come here for one reason. Enjoyment. Check any baggage at the door. Play by the relatively easy to follow guidelines (don’t be an ass to your fellow players for one) or don’t show up. You will be warned if you harrass players or degrade them, and then you will be banned if it continues.

    To reiterate, this is not currently an issue. I have found it difficult to stay focused on the building aspect of the game due to my enjoyment interacting with you folks. This is simply for posterities sake.


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