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    • Markshire PCs:

    Death, and Dying, in Markshire.

    Lox strides along in the Narlynwik Forest beside Lenly and Higgins. The little Grippli jabbering constantly at the Pellyte warrior. It is this jabbering distraction that causes them to be ambushed by the group of Orcs.

    Higgins fades back and starts casting. Lenly leaps off to the side in the hopes of getting a hamstring shot in early. As he does this, he leaves Lox alone with three Orc warriors. After a lightning series of blows, two of the orcs lie venting warm air in the wood. The last, while wounded, manages a lucky shot that brings Lox to his knees. Darkness clouds his vision, he knows he is blacking out.

    Scenario One.

    The orc looks down at the warrior, smiles at the sight of the foe on it’s knees helpless, weak. With this, he rears back and with one mighty swing, lops Lox’s head clean off.

    In this scenario, we see that the PC, in a helpless state, will be Coup De Grace’d without help. The orc, with a victim helpless before him, relishes the easy kill. And that is exactly what it is, an easy kill.

    Scenario Two.

    The orc looks down at the warrior, smiles at the sight of the foe on it’s knees helpless, weak. With this, he rears back, and just as he is about to strike the decapitating blow, vomits a geyser of blood and collapses. Lenly pulls his shortsword from the orcs back and rushes to his friends aid.

    In this scenario, an ally of Lox arrives in that very small frame folks call the “Nick of Time”. There is a period of time, a very small one, that you can be saved in. It may happen, and if so, it will carry the tension and relief of this scenario.

    Scenario Three.

    A hidden cadre of archers spot the pale mage casting behind the other two, and a flight of arrows leaps forth. One of them takes the elf in the throat, and darkness comes. The archers turn their fire on the other two, knowing the mage is neutralized.

    In this scenario, there is no melee opponent near the mage that is slowly bleeding out. No one can deliver the final blow, they are otherwise occupied. He will die soon, but not as soon as a swordstroke to the neck would provide.


    Now to the section of the rules governing where you go when you die, and why.

    Many times Thrym and I have discussed how there is little fear of dying. Of how many times in systems we have used before, the “Wait for Help” option was often used for all the wrong reasons. And that it was odd that the player saw all that was going on around them, even when dead. There was little fear or mystique about death.

    So we came up with the current system. When you are killed, you go to Hel, quite promptly. You are assessed an XP penalty there and then. This penalty is a fraction of the standard 5% hit that many servers apply for death. This is done so that there is still a penalty for rushing into Death’s Cold Embrace (TM) but thinking it is no big deal, because your friends will raise you.

    Death is supposed to be traumatic, and something to be avoided, even if you know you’re going to be raised. This is a fine example of meta-game thinking, and we want to bypass the ease of which meta-gaming can happen if we can.

    Since you are in Hel, you will have no ooc knowledge of what transpired after your untimely demise. You aren’t there to watch it all. There is an element of mystery to what has happened next if you are with a party, that is if they don’t all join you.

    Now once in Hel, you are given some options. You can wait for said friends (if you have them) to raise you. Your other option is to sate the appetite of the guardian, Garm. You give Garm some of your essence, your soul (see XP) and you can return to the mortal realm. This is the second XP penalty. If you are raised, you go back to whence you came, with no secondary penalty.

    This is why we made the death system the way it is. We wanted to have a fear of dying, but not one that makes you blanch and lose the experience you gained in that week due to a critical or a misclick. While somewhat front loaded, the system is forgiving if in a party, and even when alone the penalty is fair.

    Questions, suggestions, and ideas are welcomed. Please PM us or post them in another thread to keep this one clean.

    • Markshire PCs: Grottle, Gruzk, Ashimar

    The server has had it’s share of misunderstandings on a variety of topics. I am posting the following to make sure people are clear.

    Experience Point loss occurs very seldom in game. We tend not to punish people in this manner. So the majority of XP loss is from Death.

    As many have come to realize, during DM run events, if you perish, chances are you will be reimbursed the XP you lost for that death. We do this simply because you are following the storyline the DMs put forth and should not be docked for getting ambushed by a superior force and captured. It was part of the DM’s plot line.

    That said, there are times and circumstances we won’t reimburse a PC during a DM event so please DO NOT expect to be raised or refunded by the DM.

    On rare occasions your PC dies while you are on your own and the inevitable lag (yes, no matter how much we try to alleviate lag there will always be some) causes you to suffer a death glitch and you get tagged more then once for the death penalty. Simply tell a DM or PM us and we’ll investigate and make a decision on reimbursement.

    Reimbursements are made solely at the DMs’ discretion.

    What we won’t reimburse are people who won’t retreat from a battle or spend raise after raise to get through something they normally wouldn’t or any one of a hundred other bad situations players can place themselves in.

    This world is built on the standards of common sense and responsibility. We afford you, the Players (PC and DM alike), the benefit of the doubt and expect little else in return.

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