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    Durok Bloodaxe

    The barricades give way in a cloud of dust, smoke and splintered wood and the Dwarven Defenders cough as they are engulfed in the billowing debris. Then the Orcs pour in, a writhing mass of screaming savages, their faces distorted with rage and painted with images of madness and horror. Durok fights well and afterwards he is invited to take the Oath of Stone and become a Deepwarden in the militia.

    The attacks continue, they are taking over orc territory after all, but the defences hold and behind them the Dwarves build a formidable military machine. Now they are ready to drive a dagger deep into the heart of the enemy and (the younger dwarves speak the name in awe) Clanwarden Durok, is leading the raid.

    The elite force of dwarves meet little resistance at the cave entrance, the poorly equipped gaurds are mown down where they stand. Durok stoops to clean the blood from his axe on the clothing of one and notices, from the state of its teeth, how old it is. They push on into the darkness, brutally terminating a few pathetic attempts to stop their advance, and then they find them.

    An entire cavern of females and juveniles.

    It looks like the entire breeding stock of the Horde.

    And so he gives the order.

    Years later, in Foothold, Durok finds himself standing with a halfling named Prisca. She has a pretty face, considering she has no beard, and for a while he finds himself teasing her playfully as though she was a child. But her eyes … those big round eyes remind him of … things he would rather forget. The sound of war hammers crushing small skulls comes flooding back. He turns and makes for the ale house again, his protective shell already in place.

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