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    Sent to Munin:

    @Ceorlas wrote:

    Is it possible to custom create the following weapon for Elvawen Ste’len?

    WHIP (Of Animal Dispersal)
    Damage : 0 (this is vital)
    Bonus AC : +2 vs animal/beast
    OnHit cast spell : Fear
    Effective on : animal/beast only
    Useable by : Ranger/Druid only

    to scare away any hostile animal/beast that attacks her, or anyone else in a party of which she is a member, thereby assuring the avoidance of unnecessary slaughter of animals/beasts

    Elva will be approaching Ranger 6 fairly soon. She is discovering she has an affinity for animals (empathy) but is concerned that she can only control/protect one at a time and feels angered that she must permit and even effect the destruction of all others of a hostile group.

    She has requested party members not to kill animals just because they are there and hostile (Sevron[Corgano]) and will continue to make the same request of other companions where/when ever possible.

    She has spoken to a druid (Milanir Aniramaala[Laydee]) re her concern for needless slaughter of animals driven permanently hostile by other influences and obtained Mila’s agreement to refer the matter to her druidic circle for research.

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    This is a good idea. I don’t know how you feel about the onHit effect. Can we limit it to just being used on animals?

    – mule

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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