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    In the south of Markshire where the Lord of Winter’s hold is limited lies the small village of Fane.

    The village is nestled between the two large forests of Markshire, Narlynwik to the north and Dimmaskog to the south. So in addition to farmers there are many woodsman, foresters, hunters, trappers, and many others who make their living from forests.

    Within the Dimmaskog Forest, not far from the village, is an order of druids known as the Stada Jarfi. This particular druidic order has only ever been known to leave the forest to get supplies from Fane Village. Those who approach their encampment seldom enter, preferring to leave any deliveries well away from it. Perhaps it’s all the wolves within.

    Within the forest but near the Road to Starcroft lies a tribe of Orcs known as the Soaring Eagles. While they sometimes prey upon those traveling the roads to Starcroft, they mainly stay within the woods. They’ll even trade from time to time. At least until recently when they’ve become bolder. Rumor and speculation have grown implying something darker than just orcs has taken residents in the tribe’s Aerie. But that’s just a rumor, right?

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