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    • Markshire PCs: Grottle, Gruzk, Ashimar


    Population: 200 +

    Location: Foothold Plateau, Thrym Pass, Thrym Mountains

    Races: All

    Primary Merchants: Smith, Bowyer, General, Healing, Scrolls, Potions

    History: Foothold is a town situated on a plateau at the foot of the Thyrm Pass which is the only pass through the Thrym Mountains.

    It has existed for longer then both Stonemark and Gastlinyk Gate. It was the first outpost of Markshire when it began to explore the then unsettled wilderlands of the western side of the mountains.

    The town stands again on the edge of a frontier only in reverse. The lands to the west are settled now. The Thrym Pass has become more deadly then before and the last bastion of civilization, Gastlinyk Gate is all that stands before the might of the Frost Giant armies.

    So the town is now somewhat fortified and the guard is in residence. Elite Guardsmen, trained to deal with dragon and giant incursions, stand at the ready on the towers with their ballista.

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