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    • Markshire PCs:

    Wonderful website showing many of this exceptional artist’s work. Plenty of inspiration to be had with a visit. Be sure to click on the “Details” link to see some up-close pictures of Frazetta’s paintings. Gorgeous stuff.

    • Markshire PCs:

    Vlan and I had already viewed it, and he felt the site wasn’t that great, though Frazetta’s artwork is. BTW, the museum is like 2-1/2 hours west of NYC just over the border into Pennsylvania, if anyone is interested in seeing it.
    I keep bugging Vlan to take a road trip with me……



    Lt. Tyler
    • Markshire PCs:

    Cool site s-m-r!

    When I was young my dad had 4 volumes of Frazetta’s paintings and work. It’s always nostalgic for me when I see his stuff.

    I especially love the frost giants one. And the polar bear pulled chariot.

    *looks off to the side, “Immigrant Song” playing in his head*

    • Markshire PCs: Grottle, Gruzk, Ashimar

    I have the polar bear pulled chariot figure set.

    Looks cool. Prolly should paint it some day.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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