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    • Markshire PCs:

    Gabriel looked out of the boat over the sapphire folds of the Sea to the sunrise. The sea churned and swayed pushing the vessel ever forward towards its destination. The snowy shore of Markshire came closer and closer as the ship moved forward. The boat landed and I leapt from the side down into the shallow water, its cold waters lapping at my leggings and boots, weighing them down. I waded onto the shore and was met by a man dressed in nothing more than rags with fishing pole in hand. The man stared in marvel as I walked up to him, “tell good sir, what land be this,” Gabriel asked his voice deep and gentle.

    “It be Markshire sire, be you one of them Paladins, I have heard of them and know of their deeds, and you fit the description of one so powerful m’lord,” the poor old man said. “I am, but do not spread it to the four corners of this land, for I do not wish to attract the attention of others. I thank you for your time and answering my question,”. “It was my pleasure sire,” the poor man said. I took out a bag full of coins of gold, maybe fifty to sixty gold coins inside and handed it to the old man, “may this be a burden that will ease your life on this world,”. “Thank you kind sir, bless you, May Odin watch over you always,” the poor man said joy filling his voice and tears coming to his eyes. I patted the man on the shoulder and walked past him deeper into the land of Markshire until I came upon a small stream. I gave thanks and took rest by the stream drinking the cool refreshing water and filling my water skin. As I knelt and prayed, “Lord Thor that guides me always into this dark and uncertain world shed light on my path so that I may do what thou wants of me. Let my hammer be guided straight and true and let it be not in anger that I raise my hammer, but to defend those of your children. In your holy and most high name I pray,. I slowly walked through the thick woods near the small town Foothold; the sun’s light barely penetrated the lush canopy. An awful smell spilled over me, that of burning wood death mingled with the fragrant perfume of the forest flowers creating a horrible and yet fascinating aroma. my pace quickened as my heart began to beat faster and faster, soon I was running as fast as I could toward the source of the odor; worry and excitement where my only feelings as i came to a cave of orc’s.

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