Gaining Levels in Markshire.

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    Gaining Levels in Markshire.

    Players in the realm of Markshire are heroes. The term hero is used somewhat loosely here. There ARE evil heroes. There are neutral heroes. There are good heroes.

    The forces that watch over Markshire are the Valkyries. They take interest in any being able to influence or impact the realm. This is for the most part Heroes.

    You, as a player, will be a hero the first time you level up. When you level up, the valkyries and other beings of power take interest in you. They sing your praises across the sky in a thunderous racket. They curse and wail at you in dark notes, hurling barbs from the grey skies.

    These events are to be considered in game. These things happen. While the stringed text appears only to the player that is leveling, the sounds and visual effects that occur are real. When the Valkyries curse your evil aligned Barbarian, those nearby WILL hear them do it. It is In Character Information.

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