Gard Kelton

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    Gard is a very animated and larger than life personality in most cases. He is very knowledgeable about various different topics throughout the land including combat, lore, magic, and professions. While he likes to read, he enjoys hearing and experiencing stories first hand and enjoys telling those stories even more. While he doesn’t exaggerate, Gard tends to be a bit colorful with his descriptions. Music is a way for him to communicate and is second nature. You can tell when he is trying to think by the way he furrows his brow and tilts his head. Most of his problems can be solved with a wink and a smile.

    In spite of his overzealous tendencies, Gard knows that he can come across as annoying at times, but that quickly disappears when he proves his utility in a group. He is usually a good judge of determining what someone can handle and can tailor his methods to their personality and style.

    Gard doesn’t like to fight unless he has no other choice. He would rather play his music and contribute to groups in other ways. Gard tends to observe his surroundings in order to stay alert because he is a survivor and does not like to rely on many people. Because of his short comings in combat, he strives to never be a burden. His music is very powerful and heavily underestimated. It is never ‘off-key’ unless intentional because he has perfect pitch.

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